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Our Fundamentals of clinical endodontics program is designed to teach the General dentist how to preform basic and advanced endodontic treatments with quality and speed. Our goal is to educate the general dentist about safe and effective methods for preforming endodontic treatments within their practice. As well as teaching them how to identify complicated cases and when cases should be referred to a specialist.

This online course is designed as a guidance to help dentists navigate their practices during this crisis so they are fully equipped to handle dental emergencies with palliative endodontic treatment. 

 we have a duty as dental health care providers to prevent dental emergencies from overwhelming an already packed ER at the local hospitals. 

 we offer live patients hands on endodontic courses at our institute

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E-mail: course@ctidental.org 

Website: www.ctidental.org

In this course we will focus on quick and efficient endodontic techniques to relieve pain and reduce infection. the general practitioner will have the option to offer this transitional phase to patients having pain or infection before they are referred to an endodontist to complete the root canal treatment 

this course is designed to guide you through the simplest most efficient way of removing a post 

Dr. Yang explains the best practices when it comes to intracanal medicament based on jjer experience.